A model of a complex investment including an iconic building

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We have recently completed the model of renovation and expansion of the former MÉMOSZ head office in Budapest.

This development is a fine example of sensitive property development that honours the values of the past.

@wingzrt , the developer, has entrusted the architectural design to @tibaarchitects. They added a new boutique office cube as well, featuring the most up-to-date extras (of which only the vertical green wall is visible on the model…)

The original building complex was designed by György Szrogh, Lajos Gádoros, Imre Perényi, Károly Perczel, and Gábor Preisch and was built between 1946 and 50. The #modernist building shows the influence of @le__corbusier and @alvaraalto and became emblematic right after its completion.

Our favorite detail, however, is the #relief on the stone facade of the Auditorium, by István Tar, entitled "Builders".

For more photos visit the Liget Center's portfolio page

Article photos by Tamas Szelestey