A model of a complex investment including an iconic building

We have recently completed the model of renovation and expansion of the former MÉMOSZ head office in Budapest.

The little brother

A stylistically matching pair of our earlier mock-up joins the ranks of our finished models

New timber model

Besides making marketing models, sometimes it's nice to make a minimalist, architectural-style piece. Borgos Pieper Architecture and Design Studio asked us to create a hand luggage-sized piece in a minimalist style.

A big move

A larger bird recently flew out from us.

Westside Garden: tick

Lightstripes, Corian, custom-made steel plinth and a Modelart quality model.

An unique solution

The Spirit Residence model can be opened to reveal interior facade details

Behind the scenes

We’d like to launch a series on our architectural models by providing you with some ’behind the scenes’ details that We hope you will enjoy

Westside Residence is delivered

The compact model with custom scaffolding has been placed in the Biggeorge Property's customer reception area

Open Workshops at Design Week

A presentation on an extraordinary and spectacular architectural model will be presented, which will provide an unforgettable experience of the Norwegian investment Økern Sentrum

The Agora Budapest model on Forbes Flow 2019

At the 2019 Forbes Flow event, our Agora Budapest model was exhibited.

We handed over the Edison Center Flet model

An updated carrying case containing three flats was handed over to Molnár Beton

Codic International's Green Court Office model is finished

Yet another office on Budapest's Váci road office corridor...

Waterfront City model exhibited in Biggeorge Property's showroom

We had the privilege to produce a model for a great residential project in Hungary facing the river Danube. Architectural designer of the project is Zsolt Hajnal, Ybl award winning architect.

Something really big in the works...

Okern Model finish line